Privacy Policy of Elsner+Flake Type Consulting GmbH for orders at online shop fonts4ever

Privacy policy

All the information that the customer transfers will only be used at the online shop fonts4ever for processing the customers' orders. All information is handled in strict confidence. Information is only transferred to other parties (i.e. shipping companies) when it is necessary for the order processing. The order information will be encrypted and securely transmitted, we are not responsible for data security during the online transfer (e.g. due to a technical error of the provider) or for a potential criminal access to files of our internet presence by third parties. Customer log in information transferred to the customer on request is handled in strict confidence by the customer, because we do not take any responsibility for the use of this information.

Links on our website

With judgement from 12. May »1998 - 312 0 85/98 - Responsibility for links« the district court of Hamburg decided that one is responsible for the content of the linked web pages. This can only be avoided by explicitly dissociating oneself from the content of this pages. We therefore explicitly dissociate ourselves from the content of any linked web pages on this website. This statement is valid for all links on our web pages.

Hamburg, 1st March 2014

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