»ABC Schule«, a new writing concept for Swiss schools
Hans Eduard Meier, Designer of Syntax and ITC Syndor, developed a ground breaking concept for handwriting education in primary schools as an alternative to Schnürlischrift, which was used for many years in Swiss schools.

ABC Schule started as a cooperation between Meier and Elsner+Flake in 2002 to improve and extend \"Basisschrift\", a previous version of ABC Schule, which was first introduced in schools in the Aargau canton of Switzerland. Many suggestions and improvements from teachers, publishers and experts have subsequently been incorporated. ABC Schule is now in widespread use throughout Switzerland. In contrast with the old Schnürlischrift, the idea is to guide a child in three steps to learning handwriting. ABC Schule 1 is for the first grade, ABC 2 starts to introduce the first connections and ABC 4 Ligaturen is designed with many ligatures to serve as a good example for handwriting. ABC Schule is also available with ruling and for visually impaired students.

ABC Schule is now also attracting attention in German schools and is licensed by Germany institutions. Authorized versions are available only through www. fonts4ever.com. Please contact Veronika Elsner about licensing issues and other questions (www.elsner-flake.com).

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