Anne Maree Coulton
I have two university degrees. The first being a Bachelor of Business-Catering and Hotel Management. The second a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. I worked full-time as a physiotherapist for a number of years. All my life I have drawn and designed, being self taught, and held a secret dream to one day work with it. Christmas Eve 2002 my life changed in a snap, irrevocably. I was severely injured in a paragliding accident. The following year was spent in and out of hospital having numerous spinal operations to reconstruct my fractured spine. I am now walking quite normally and I am comfortable. But there have been many changes. With change has come opportunity. The development of my hand-drawn font »Didima« into a typeface being one such opportunity.

The font »Didima« is a jaunty, fun form of my handwriting that has evolved over the years. Its development into a typeface was encouraged and assisted by close friends who are graphic designers. They saw its appeal and use as a commercial entity. »Didima« is an expression of joy. It incorporates sweeping curves punctuated by short and irregular sized letters. »Didima« has a complex number of options for the commercial artist and also a simple typeface option for everyday users. It includes typefaces in light, medium, bold and outline. There is also a collection of »Didima« icons with a characteristic cheerfulness. My husband and I have a close association with Nepal so we called my font »Didima«. »Didima« means »little sister« in Nepali.