Apply Design Group
The Apply Design Group has been renowned for innovative type- and high quality design products since 1985.

The design studio which is located in Hannover, Germany works under the direction of its creative head, Thomas Sokolowski for such well-known clients as Swatch, EXPO 2000, ELLE, Sony among others. Its major business is directed, however, at mid-size companies and institutions in the areas of media and culture.

As of 1990, the Type and Designstudio Thomas Sokolowski was known as a central starting point for designers who wanted to explore the new programs and technologies for the creation of type and type modifications, and thus, in a carefree creative manner, unleashed a wide-ranging chapter of “sub-cultural typographic history”. Soon, the inspirations and characteristics of this kind of design were interpreted world-wide and expanded.

In addition to studios like Émigré and T-26 in the US, a new generation of type designers created a myriad of unusual typefaces. Next to the stars of that scene like “Template Gothic”, “Blur”, and “Monterrey” more than 2000 unique typeface designs came into being during that decade.

Apply itself released over 100 typeface creations during this decade of creative production. Many of these have achieved international acceptance and have found interpreters and imitators among the well-established type foundries.

CD-products such as “Rough Typefaces”, “Eroticons”, or even “Stencil Fonts” were not only desirable because of their contents, but also because of their packaging.

In addition to many publications and exemplary usage, in connection with David Carson or in the Ray Gun magazine, these unique creations found their way to the public via Elsner+Flake and, thus, for a time even into the Linotype library.

At the end of the Apply-Type-Design era, Apply released all their fonts on a CD, limited to 500 fonts, the [ apply complete ].

Since 1999, the studio works also in the area of photography and offers, under the label [ apply pictures ] a contemporary alternative to the established image agencies. [ apply sound ] is the newest and most ambitious project of the Apply Design Group. They attempt to develop music and tone specifically for designers.

Even though many of the formerly “revolutionary” Apply fonts have now become classics and modern taste has found new centers of concentration, there remains a steady demand for Apply fonts. With distribution via the platform this will now be possible.

All the fonts that are offered have been actualized technically and enlarged with an Euro Symbol. The former font formats have now been extended to OpenType formats.

Fonts, symbols and pictograms of the “Rough Typefaces”, “Eroticons”, “Iconografica”, but also “Stencil Fonts”, that have thus far, only been available on CD, have now been integrated into the download program for fonts.

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