The typographer and founder of the TypeShop Group* Walter Florenz Brendel (1933-1992) ordered the development of exclusive phototypesetting typefaces in the 70s and the beginning of the 80s for the phototypesetter he himself built, “Unitype”, which had their basis partially in historical but also in contemporary designs. Unique to all typefaces used on the “Unitype” was an extensive reduction of the type cuts of up to seven stroke widths as well as the then unique width control with a differentiation of up to 1000 units and corresponding kerning tables. The standard at that time, by means of comparison, lay between 54 and 96 units respectively.

In addition to type concepts, which were drawn or extended by in-house artists according to his specifications, Brendel also acquired or licensed designs from other designers such as, for instance, Michael Neugebauer (“Litera”) or Adrian Williams (“Congress”, “Raleigh”). In this manner the so-called “Serial Collection” came into being which consisted of more than 1200 typefaces which were adjusted specifically to the needs and requirements of the advertising agencies of that time.

Even at that time, the finished designs were captured digitally, modified and then finally cut on masking film (Ulano Folie) on a computer-driven drawing system so that reproduction-ready designs were available for font production for the phototypesetting systems which were then in use.

As early as 1972 Walter Brendel initiated the development of software for the digital production of typefaces. The company URW Unternehmensberatung Rubow Weber GmbH in Hamburg built the IKARUS-System on order of Brendel & Pabst, which, in the 1980s, was used worldwide by almost all manufacturers of typesetting systems for their font production.

The software which was originally written for the capture, modification and production of sketches for phototypesetting was later amended to serve successfully for the conception as well as production of fonts for CRT and laser typesetting systems.

At the time, the TypeShop Group earned a first-class reputation for itself especially in the advertising scene. Quality of typesetting, innovation and creativity were their highest calling. Untold agencies developed, together with the TypeShop Group, typefaces for hundreds of companies and businesses. Meticulously refined typography, successful image creation and highly visible adertisements were created which set the quality standards for their time.

Over and above all of these contributions, Brendel co-founded the European Type Corporation (ETC) in the 1970s in which not only their own TypeShops but also renowned German typesetting companies such as Typo Bach (Wiesbaden, München, Frankfurt and Hamburg) as well as other European Layout Typesetters came together in the interest of standards of quality and perfection. The ETC published ist own magazine Point–The European Type Magazine and showcased first-class examples of successful typography and layout which set new international standards.

After 1985, the typefaces contained in the Serial Collection were converted to the new font formats required for desktop publishing and sold worldwide on CDs.

In 1991, B&P Graphics Ltd., Dublin, published a compendium of the Serial Collection in a folder format which allows the user to view the full typeface complement. This offers samples of all available cuts with text samples. In addition, there is, as an attachment, a reference list which gives information about the original types on which the designs and extensions are based.

For reasons of mark- and license legalities Elsner+Flake offers only a small sampling of the available typefaces on the www.fonts4ever.com internet platform. A complete listing of the fonts contained in the Serial Collection can be seen in the attachment.

The TypeShop Serial Collection fonts are based on original IK-formats. These have been transferred into contemporary font formats and, where necessary, re-worked and extended.

* Service Bureaus (Brendel & Pabst) in Düsseldorf, Köln, München, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Wien, Linz, Amsterdam and Manchester

Serial Type Collection Compatibility List 1991

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